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MLifeInsider Login and Registration Help.

Everything you need to know about the MlifeInsider.com MGM employee website.

Log in to the MGM Resorts employee portal to see schedules, payslips, get employee discounts, and more.


MlifeInsider is an employee portal available to anyone who is currently employed by MGM Resorts. It was designed to make it easy for new employees to book discounted hotel rates, check work schedules, manage benefits plans and view past and current payslips.

To access and use the MlifeInsider program, you will need to go online by visiting www.mlifeinsider.com and logging in with your employee credentials.

In order to login to M Life Insider, an associate will need their employee ID number and password.  New MGM Resorts employees must contact their local Human Resource Department to obtain the ID.

What can I use MlifeInsider for?

Once you, a new MGM employee has registered for the MLifeInsider program,  you will get M life Insider rates of 20% off hotel room rates. This room discount can be used at any MGM Resorts hotel properties.

You will also be able to:

  • Check MGM work schedules/roosters (MGM Workday Login).
  • Apply for time off at MGM.
  • Manage and your MGM medical benefit plan.
  • View past and current MGM Resorts payslips.

MlifeInsider Employees Can Share Discounts.

MLifeInsider members can pass on the discount rates to friends, enemies and family members: Simply click on the by the  “Share Insider rates with my friends and family” tab.

You can now send an email to a friend or a family, and the email will include a link to the MlifeInsider hotel reservation system, though availability depends on season and local events.

MGM Resorts reserves the right to change or cancel the employee discount rates at anytime with or without notice.

MLifeInsider.com Terms and Conditions.

MLifeInsider can’t be used by former MGM employees or retirees.

Okta is the name of the on-demand service that manages the MLifeInsider employee platform.

Employees cannot use the program discounts at non-MGM Resort properties

Employees should always check their work status with a supervisor before scheduling a trip.

MlifeInsider Login.

How do I log in to my MlifeInsider account?

To access your MlifeInsider account, go to www.mlifeinsider.com. The page will re-direct to the Okta login page at: https://mgmresorts.okta.com.

The login page requires a username and password. Your username is your employee ID. For example, if your username is [email protected], just enter johndoe.

The password is the same you would use to access your employee account online.

After you enter your username, a security image is displayed automatically, if it is at least your second time logging in. If the security image does not show, close your internet browser. Then, open a new browser window, type the address in, and enter your MGM Employee ID again.

Once you have signed in, the MLifeInsider Okta home page will display all your applications in one location.

Click on an app icon and your chosen application will open in a new browser window or tab and you are automatically logged-in to that application.

I Forgot My MLifeInsider Password.

What should I do if I forget my Mlifeinsider password?

To reset your password, go to the MlifeInsider employee login page and click on “Need help signing in?”, located under the Sign In button. This will open a new menu underneath. Click on “Forgot Password?” and type in your employee ID, then choose how you want to get the password reset code (either by SMS or by email).

Find the email in your inbox, if you choose Email, and follow the instructions to reset the password.

If you no longer have access to the chosen email account or phone, then please contact the system administrator at 1-855-286-0151.

MlifeInsider Login Problems.

I cannot log in to my MlifeInsider account. What could be the problem?

If you can’t access the MlifeInsider site or are getting a Sign in failed! message, the first thing to check is making sure you have the right employee ID. If you are a new hire or do not have an employee ID, you should contact the Human Resources department at the MGM property you work for.

Also, try the following:

  • Check your internet connection, to see if it is working properly.
  • Make sure that the CAPS LOCK button is OFF on your keyboard.
  • Try logging in with another internet browser.
  • Try logging in ffrom another mobile phone or computer.

MGM Scheduling.

MGM resorts operate a dedicated mobile-optimized login page for scheduling.

The MGM Scheduling page can be found at: https://scheduling.mgmresorts.com/m/login.aspx?mobile=yes

MlifeInsider Contacts.

If you need any help using or accessing the MlifeInsider program online, call 1-855-286-0151 in th US to speak to one of the Okta customer service agents.

MGM Macau Login.

If you are based in Macau, then you must use the login page at www.mlifeinsider.mgmmacau.com.

MGM China HR Services Login.

MGM China Human Resources ESS login page can be found at www.mgmchina.service-now.com/ess.

Mlife Rewards Login.

Please note that MlifeRewards and MlifeInsider are different programs. Mlife Rewards is a customer reward platform that cannot be accessed using your MlifeInsider employee login.

The correct login page for Mlife Rewards is www.mgmresorts.com/en/sign-in.html.

MLifeInsider Feedback.

If you have problems with the Mlifeinside employee login page, or if you have a question about MLifeInsider, then add your feedback in the comment section below.

About MLifeinsider: The MGM Resorts Employee Website.

MLifeinsider is the MGM Resorts employee website, where employees can access a variety of resources and information, including:

  • Company news and announcements
  • Employee benefits and discounts
  • Training and development opportunities
  • HR information
  • Job postings
  • Social media and employee communities

To access MLifeinsider, employees must log in with their MGM Rewards account information. Once logged in, employees will be able to see a personalized dashboard with links to the resources and information that are most relevant to them.

Company News and Announcements.

The MLifeinsider homepage features a news section where employees can stay up-to-date on the latest news and announcements from MGM Resorts. This section includes articles on topics such as:

  • New resort openings and renovations
  • Award wins and recognition
  • Community outreach and philanthropic initiatives
  • Employee success stories

Employee Benefits and Discounts.

MGM Resorts employees are eligible for a variety of benefits and discounts, which can be accessed through the MLifeinsider benefits section.

This section includes information on topics such as:

  • Health and dental insurance
  • Retirement savings plans
  • Paid time off
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Employee discounts on hotels, dining, and entertainment

Training and Development Opportunities.

MGM Resorts is committed to providing its employees with the training and development opportunities they need to succeed. The MLifeinsider training section includes information on a variety of training programs, including:

  • New employee orientation
  • Leadership development programs
  • Technical training programs
  • Soft skills training programs

HR Information.

The MLifeinsider HR section includes information on a variety of HR topics, such as:

  • Pay and benefits
  • Performance reviews
  • Promotions
  • Transfers
  • Separations

Job Postings.

Employees can search for and apply for open positions at MGM Resorts through the MLifeinsider job postings section. This section includes a variety of job openings in all departments and at all levels.

Social Media and Employee Communities.

The MLifeinsider social media section provides links to MGM Resorts’ social media pages, where employees can connect with other MGM Resorts employees and stay up-to-date on the latest company news and events. The MLifeinsider employee communities section provides links to employee communities on topics such as diversity and inclusion, wellness, and employee resource groups.

MGM Rewards.

MGM Rewards is the MGM Resorts loyalty program. Employees are eligible to join MGM Rewards and earn points for every dollar they spend at MGM Resorts properties. Points can be redeemed for a variety of rewards, including:

  • Hotel stays
  • Dining
  • Entertainment
  • Retail
  • Travel

Employees can also earn tiered status in the MGM Rewards program, which unlocks additional benefits, such as:

  • Priority check-in and checkout
  • Room upgrades
  • Complimentary food and beverage
  • Free parking

MLifeinsider FAQ


Q: How do I access MLifeinsider?

A: To access MLifeinsider, you must log in with your MGM Rewards account information. You can log in at the MLifeinsider website.

Q: What information can I find on MLifeinsider?

A: MLifeinsider includes a variety of information for MGM Resorts employees, including company news and announcements, employee benefits and discounts, training and development opportunities, HR information, job postings, and social media and employee communities.

Q: What are the benefits of being an MGM Rewards member?

A: MGM Rewards members earn points for every dollar they spend at MGM Resorts properties. Points can be redeemed for a variety of rewards, including hotel stays, dining, entertainment, retail, and travel. Members also earn tiered status in the program, which unlocks additional benefits.

Q: How do I join MGM Rewards?

A: You can join MGM Rewards online or at any MGM Resorts property. Membership is free.

Q: How do I earn MGM Rewards points?

A: You can earn MGM Rewards points for every dollar you spend at MGM Resorts properties on hotels, dining, entertainment, and retail. You can also earn points through MGM Resorts partners, such as airlines and rental car companies.

Q: How do I redeem MGM Rewards points?

A: You can redeem MGM Rewards points for a variety of rewards, including hotel stays, dining, entertainment, retail, and travel. You can redeem points online, at the MLife Rewards desk, or through the MGM Resorts app.

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